Many stains, dyes, and colors to make your flooring pop

One of our most popular flooring systems is called Deco-Flake. It is a full broadcast color flake and epoxy coating system. This system can be used almost anywhere and will stand up to some of the most abusive conditions you can imagine.

  • 100 Series Blends
  • 200 Series Blends
  • 300 Series Blends
  • 400 Series Blends
  • 500 Series Blends
  • 600 Series Blends
  • 2009 Color Chart

Only the highest quality products are used on your floor

When it comes to the quality of your floor, only superior products will ever be used.

  • Deco – Metallic
  • Deco – Poxy
  • Deco – Stain Acid
  • Deco – Stain Dye
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